Tried out a Wegener Alaia for the first time and the thing really blew my mind. It was much harder to ride than I had expected. At first you just have to ride 'em prone cause they slip out super easy as they are finless, but even riding them prone is amazing. All kinds of speed and you can ride over shallow rocky reefy kelpy areas with ease. I reckon that once you do get the hang of riding one of these alaia's they will really blow your mind and open it as to what is really surfable, this thin, finless, wood plank turns waves you never even looked at into a fantasy land of fun. I still don't have my own, but I was able to demo this 7'6" from the Wetsand surf shop in Ventura located centrally on Main Street. Stop by there and take one for a test ride, and remember to hold on for your life!