One World, One People

Just wanted to clarify the reason why I started this blog and where it got it's name from. I started the blog originally to showcase my photography and writing which is all about the preservation of this planet and it's inhabitants. The earth is dying and we are to blame, we can not expect politicians to do the work for us. The need to create a sustainable life for all things is so great right now.
I can only call for the understanding of our relationship with this planet. The Birdman Tribe like most indigenous tribes of the Americas believed in a world where humans and the earth were intricately connected. They wore feathers in their headdresses and held a reverence for the natural world that was so great because they knew that's where everything came from. They were able to see this without all of our technology and so-called civilization we have today.With all this technology we have we could create a sustainable living environment for everything on this planet, and yet we choose not to. We choose to exploit people and our natural resources, and let people starve and die, and we Americans kill people in the name of "freedom".
Is the Obama administration really going to change things, or are they there to further distract us even more, once again delaying the need to get started now!
What do we need money for, how is money going to solve the earth's problems? The planet does not understand what a dollar is, paper money does not build solar panels or wind turbines or grow crops, it just gets in the way of actually creating these necessary sources of food and energy producers. Human ingenuity and hard work builds things, sunlight and seeds and water grow things. Everything we get comes from this planet or those stars we were once a part of. The Birdman Tribe is asking why we still haven't figured it out.
We have the technology, it's been around for decades, but you still see gas guzzlers everywhere. You don't see solar panels on the tops of houses, and you don't see us putting down our weapons of mass destruction anytime soon. If we are to ever live in a safe and sustainable world we must disarm and start to help people. Total disarmament and the spreading of peace is our only option if we are to live in a truly safe world.