Baja Dreamin'

It's been so long since I've been down to that great dry peninsula known as Baja. A place that for me holds so many desert jewels. Jewels like the unique desert plants, the martian and often people-less landscape, the coveted sand bottom pointbreaks, and the warm and friendly people who live there. With all of the craziness that seems to be going on down in Mexico right now it could be a good time to take a break. Although, I along with many others have always thought of the place as a zone where the dirty goes down and that's why many Baja travelers know to be cautious until you blow past Ensenada, or even El Rosario. As Wildcoast director Serge Dedina pointed out in one of the mags recently; the Northern Mexico and Baja region is an area where some of the poorest people from all over Central America and Mexico gather. It has always been a place of desperation for so many, and it will continue to be one for a long time if we do nothing about it. I don't have all the answers, just wish that somehow we, the US, could help out our neighbors in a way that would put an end to all of the extreme poverty and violence.