Library of Dust

A friend recently showed me some of the work of photographer David Maisel's new project. Maisel's Library of Dust is a new book from the photographer which is made up of images from an old Oregon State Mental Hospital and the canisters of the crematal remains that were left there. These canisters have been left at the hospital because nobody ever claimed the bodies, and they have turned into beautiful objects that Maisel has photgraphed inside of the hospital where he set up a temporary studio. It's hard to explain how amazing the colors and the photos are, so take a trip over to his website to see for yourself.
My friend found this great preview of Maisel's work on a very cool blog that has been very popular for awhile and I'm stoked that I have found it, its called the BLDG Blog and it's written by Geoff Manaugh. The blog has got all sorts of interesting information on everything from architecture and urban exploration to the cosmos and how all that stuff relates to our lives.
This all sort of relates to one of the side projects that I have been working on here and there. It involves a bit of urban exploration, architectural photography, and ghost hunting. I don't have the time, resources, or access to adequately do the job like David Maisel and Stephen Wilkes have done with their respective projects and books: Wilke's Ghosts of Freedom: Ellis Island and Maisel's Library of Dust. Although I have been finding some places and objects that enable me to capture some images of the leftovers of people's memories, and the ghosts of our dark histories. The image above is from this project and it should be done around the end of summer, where I will then put them all together and make a Blurb book, is that enough links?