Sacred Craft

So I was at the Sacred Craft event in Ventura all weekend and the event was put together very well. There were shaping demos put on by everybody from local up and coming shapers to local up and comer Ian Zamora. Legendary guys like Gerry Lopez and Marc Andreni were there dropping knowledge. There was also an Alaia shaping demo that I only got to see a snippet of because I was assisting lens pro Scott Soens shoot portraits of some of the shapers in attendance. However I did get a chance to sneak away from the shooting every now and then to see some amazing boards and to talk with some nice people. I wished I was able to try and buy 'em all. Everything from Andreni's classic sticks, to BJ of Fineline and his wild creations, Danny Hess' beautiful quads and guns, Daniel Thomson's futuristic dual keels, Manuel Caro's sexy shapes, really too many to mention.

It's real cool that we have something like the Sacred Craft event to honor the extremely talented craftsmen of our time and I highly recommend a visit to the next one. And since I don't have any pics from the event I'll post one here of my good mate Glen Kennedy, the first shaper I ever came to know and still the one I respect the most. Here is pictured under his house in Margaret River West Australia. He is standing aside his hand shaped quiver for the huge waves in West Oz.