Big Cats

[Map courtesy of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area]

The always packed with valuable information about the greater Los Angeles area blog LAist has a great post about those often talked about large predators that most of us will never see, the mountain lions. The article really breaks down all of the drama they go through very well, and there's plenty of drama in a Los Angeles mountain lions life. They are very territorial and will sometimes kill their own mate or offspring, which most likely happens more often around here becuase the lions don't have enough space to roam. One of the biggest issues facing them is that there are only a couple of safe corridors for them to pass under or over our freeways. The 118, 101, and 405 keep them from traveling as much as they would like to. These big cats need space and each one has it's own territory. I would hope that Caltrans builds some wildlife corridors soon so that the cats can navigate through this rurban jungle a bit easier. I know that there are some people talking about that happening but I don't know how far it's gone and what will come of that talk anytime soon.
Here's the link for the story.