Scary Dairy

Checked out the Scary Dairy the other day and found it to not be that scary because there were others scoping out the remnants as well, but there is a palpable eerie vibe that lurks over the place. Story has it that a dairy and/or chicken farmer owned the place and he supplied much of the food for the Camarillo State Hospital. Supposedly some gnarly stuff has gone down at this site and one story I've heard indicates that the farmer himslef killed his family or others at the farm. I'm not sure about what actually happened there because I can't seem to find the facts. More recently the site seems to have been used as a shooting range and gathering place for the local gangs, and today the model airplane flyers use it along with the hikers, equestrians, and urban explorers. I heard that the land was just turned over to CSUCI, so we'll see what they end up doing with the site.