The Cove

It looks like this movie The Cove is going to be a necessary and horrifying viewing. It's about that place In Japan where they slaughter the dolphins and was made famous by Rasta and crew who appear in the film. Like Rasta, who was saved by a dolphin when it charged a shark that was poised to attack him, and many of us who spend lots of time in the briny I have had the most amazing close encounters with dolphins. I have never been able to interact with any other creature in the wild more so than I have with these large mammals.

We are fortunate up here in the Malibu area because they are a constant presence and always a welcome sight. I have so many dolphin stories when it comes to surfing around here. There seems to always be large pods cruising up and down Zuma and just recently while my friend Corey and I were surfing there a pod swam right by and I could just tell that they were about to come and surf with us. Right then a wave popped up and as Corey started to paddle for it I told him to be ready to share this one. The two large dolphins made a sharp right and practically buzzed me while they slipped into the wave and all three rode the glassy little peeler together while Corey was hootin the whole way.

This is just one of many stories that I have and I think the point is that dolphins are actually able to play and interact with humans. They experience fun and pleasure and seem to be on a whole other level of animal intelligence. So hopefully this movie will shed some major light on the issue and the killing of dolphins will finally end.