Nikonos III

Bought an Old Nikonos III awhile ago. The camera was developed by Nikon and Jacques Cousteau in the 70's and has since been upgraded twice with the Nikonos V being the latest model. The III is a tank of a camera and is useful in any situation where your gear might get thrashed. I like to bring mine with me on dirty and drunken missions when you don't want to have to worry about lugging around expensive gear. I still haven't used it as much as I would like but have already got some pretty cool results and hope to use it more soon.

The above pics were the first ones I took with this camera and the roll came out alright, probably because I had some Fuji Provia 400 in there. The film seems to have a nice latitude to work with when you have to guess the exposures. They were snapped at my favorite beachie in the whole wide world and its where I spent all last weekend and where I plan to spend this whole next weekend, hopefully its peaky, glassy, and fun again.