Mark Klett

Mark Klett is one of those super talented Photographers that takes the medium to places most never even attempt to. He uses photography to show how we've seen the West through the years, how we change and manipulate the landscape through images, and how those images, real and imaginary, move through time. He often focuses on 'Time' by shooting long and/or multiple exposures of the Sol y Luna. I believe he also enjoys going back in time through photography by trekking back to certain photographic landmarks made famous by the old masters to re-document their documentation. I really love this Morning Moon shot above with the cracked glass and minimalistic vibe.

He along with Byron Wolfe have an exhibition going on at The Autry Center right now.
In this show the two juxtapose old images with the new giving a timed perspective of one of the West's most iconic places: The Grand Canyon. Klett and Wolfe use their own images next to and intertwined with those of Black and White Landscape pioneers Adams and Weston.
Should be a unique visual experience for us photo junkies and Desert rats.

Ocotillo below is one of my homages to Edward Weston, shot somewhere near the California / Arizona border a few years back.