Sacred Craft Del Mar

Made it down for the tail end of the Scared Craft event in Del Mar this past weekend. These shows are seriously overwhelming; so many insanely beautiful masterfully shaped surfboards to see, so many legendary people to meet with, and not enough cash to make an order with all of them in attendance.

One of the highlights I witnessed was watching Dick Brewer pick the winner for the Brewer shape off contest in which Pat Rawson was chosen. Image is of the two standing in front of all the Brewer guns shaped by the contestants.

I wanted to take many of the boards home with me, but I really came close to picking up the Junod double wing quad with 101 glass on bamboos at top, pic does not do the board justice. Michel's boards are aesthetically perfect, and they must be a pleasure to ride as well because Michel is an incredibly nice and genuine guy, an awesome surfer (check out The Present) and although I still have yet to test one of his boards, they just have that look of perfection. I have made friends and hope to get one very soon.

Too many cool shapes and awesome shapers to mention, and if you haven't been to one of these its a must.

I can't wait for the next one!