Hangin with Mike Purpus and Friends

So the only reason I got to shoot and hang with Mike Purpus is because my good buddies Eddie Solt and Mike Siordia are close mates with Purpus. Edddie, lil Mike, and Purpus all tore up the small glassy surf that past weekend.
Eddie is a throwback to the Lance Carson days of surfing and he lives by the motto; have a good time all the time. lil Mike Siordia is a Hippy Tree rider, chill dude, and stylish surfer. Of course ya'll know cut back Jack, Mike Purpus, whose got stories for miles. I don't think he stopped talking the whole day, but all of his stories were classic and pure California Gold. He spun tales of the wild 60's and 70's surf party scene. I was cracking up the whole time.

1 Purpus telling it how it was
2 lil mike paddle
3,4 lil Mike
5 Eddie