Tablas del Otono

I was down in Encinitas this past weekend visiting some good friends and since the new Surfy Surfy store is right there in Leucadia I had to make a stop by to see what they had in stock. I knew that I if walked in there it would be extremely hard to resist walking out of there without una tabla nueva. So the super cosmic Pavel Creek Fish quad airbrushed by Moonlight Glassing's resident astral artist Peter St. Pierre in the middle is what I walked out with. Muchas gracias goes out to JP St. Pierre at the very cool Surfy store and the whole Moonlight crew for putting together such fine functional art for the masses to consume.

All boards in my current quiver and the Liddle is on loan from the gracious Warm Jet.

Painting with light and desert vision quest in Joshua Tree National Park a couple of weeks ago.