Friends Will Keep You Warm

As some of you may already know, I will be returning to work as an interpretive park ranger in Kings Canyon National Park this summer and I'm already looking forward to seeing the new friends I made this past summer, some of them I know will be friends for life. Almost every single night we sat around the fire while we drank beers, listened to Jonathan do his best Townes covers, laughed, ranted and argued over astrophysics, Edward Abbey, Park policy, the local black bears, hell we even cried a bit.

I was lucky to have great friends living so close. In fact, two of my best mates were my two neighbors, and before I had met them I was driving an hour away to hang with a few coworkers who didn't care to party much. Boy was I stoked when Jonathan, Jason, Patrick, Hannah, Erin, and Grant showed up. I rarely saw those few that I had met in the beginning of the season as we had a full contingent of young and old moon howlers living right at Pine Camp.

More pics and story to come.