Chaparral is Cool

Chaparral is the most dominant plant community in California, yet myths abound on its 'dependance on fire' to its aesthetic and ecological value. To get your facts straight the Chaparral Institute has done the homework for you. They advocate that we change some of our Southern California National Forests names to National Chaparral Recreation Areas because over 75% of these 'forests' can be made up of chaparral. The USFS is also known to plant pine trees where chaparral has occupied the hillsides for centuries. I particularly like the idea of establishing a Grizzly Bear National Monument in the Cleveland National Forest in San Diego county. Giving the California Grizzly Bear and the Chaparral the respect and designation they so deserve.

We have some great stands of chaparral in the Santa Monica Mountains and fortunately for us, for the most part, the manzanita, the red shank, ceonothus, and the chamise get the respect the deserve here in the SMMNRA.