Water Wise


Waiting on water use isn't wise
Re "Get tough on water use", Editorial Feb. 2 Los Angeles Times

       The "get tough" admonition is more than welcome. We should worry about the surprisingly complacent views expressed by Southern California water officials. We have enough water, the say. No problem yet.
This is not only complacent but irresponsible. Are we to wait until a severe crisis? We would be better served by some (perhaps painful) advance planning.
Raise water rates. Use the revenue for water recycling, rainwater capture, groundwater replenishment and conservation, among other things.
Update usage regulations to curb our wasteful habits and then enforce them.
Work with regional authorities to ensure Southern California's access to imported water.
      Above all, do something now. Don't wait until it is too late.

       -W.R. Frederick

       And the hills are brown in February.

Above: O'Melveny Park in Granada Hills 2/3/2014. The native plants are hanging on despite the drought, the non-native grasses not so much, and it's time for So Cal residents and the water managers to get the message.