Here is the scroungers life

The sea brings things to you. I heard this radio story on This American Life a few weeks ago when they played an excerpt from a radio show from the 70's called Ocean Hour. In this excerpt of the show a man speaks of how the sea brings a bounty if you're open to what it brings you. He exclaims, "here is the scroungers life". I imagine this guy with a clap board house on the cliff of a Northern California beach town, but this shack is nice and funky with redwood beams and old doors with windows on them used as siding so he has lots of sunlight always streaming through. He also has a legit driftwood shack down on the beach and he has rigged up a pulley system to bring large pieces of driftwood up the cliff to the main house, his whole being depends on this ocean and this coast.

Oz and I set out today to see what the recent storm and large swell had brought to shore. We were looking for whatever we could find, mainly nice driftwood for our home gardens/ habitats back inland, to bring something of the sea back with us, constant connection.

We found a few cool pieces of driftwood and we also got one mega piece and we were able to load it into Corey's truck with the help of two beach goers, thanks to those two nice guys, one of them by the looks of his biceps probably could have hauled it up the beach by himself. He made Oz and I look like micro dudes. I even found one black Croc, only the right shoe, but hey it was my size and I hope to find another left one to match. If I find it 10 years from now, or never, whatever. I never really liked those weird looking shoes but they can come in handy, like when you need to cross a cold creek while backpacking in the mountains or when you just feel like being a lazy American.

Sit back and listen to this episode of Ocean Hour with some of your favorite ocean detritus surrounding you.