Widow Maker

After many years of waiting I finally picked up the planer and created a couple of boards that I was able to make with the help of a teacher over at Foam-EZ. The first, and the one that I had been wanting to shape for some time, is the powder blue 6'6" retro/ modern blend with a Dave Parmenter inspired "widow maker" fin set up. Well, the whole board is in some way inspired by Dave and his designs, as well as the Andrew Kidman film Glass Love. In that film Neal Purchase Jr rides a beak nosed WM and talks about the design inspiration from Parmenter, as he then goes on to shape his own version and surf it in a wonderful scene showing him and Joe Curren surfing some pounding New Zealand shorebreak. After that session Neal claims that the WM set up goes great in the juice. Therefore, I made this board with the thick barreling points of Chile in mind. The second board I made was a take on a modern semi-gun so that I could feel what it's like to shape another board, and this time a more modern one. Again with the the help of a shaping mentor at Foam-EZ. Now it's time for me to shape and glass a board all by myself.