City Lights Bookstore - San Francisco

I could spend all day at City Lights Bookstore, that storied bookstore located in the North Beach zone of San Francisco and founded by the progressive literary legend Lawrnence Ferlinghetti, who is still living the legacy of the Beats at 99.

Although, Ferlinghetti and the Beats were famous for their poetry and brand of stream of consciousness writing, the non-fiction section is what caught my attention. The world to me is always fascinating, and things these days are truly stranger than fiction, so I spent a considerable amount of time perusing this section while I was up in the Bay Area recently. I wanted to dig into to many of the titles but I could only carry so many books back with me on the plane. Above are a few of the books I did not walk away with, but hope to get into one day soon.

I did however leave with a little poetry, Peter Green's new translation of Homer's The Odyssey was one fancy title I grabbed. You could say that I'm trying to elevate my style and class at this point in life. Writing has also been more and more on my mind as I have some new free time and to help jump start that process a bit I also left with Draft No. 4 On the Writing Process by the legendary natural history author John McPhee.